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Model Advice: Steps to Your Best Photohoot

Following these steps will insure you look great in your photos:

  • Plan everything: pick the look(s) that you want and make sure the
    photographer you are shooting with is good at that particular style. Try on
    the clothes. Are they flattering? What makeup look will you wear? How will
    you style your hair? Find the people you want to work with. Determine a budget.
  • Practice: Research poses that are most flattering for your body type. Practice facial expressions and learn the angles of your face.       
  • Eat healthy: The skin repairs itself every 30 days with whatever nutrients you have provided. Eating mostly fruits and vegetables along with taking vitamins and supplements can enhance your skin and how it looks on camera. Having clear healthy skin helps the makeup application process.
  • Workout: Working out releases toxins from the body and cleans your pores. Your body looks more toned and sculptured.
  • Rest: Not only rest the night before, try the week before. Again, this assures the eating healthy and workouts will take effect. This also eliminates those dark circles and bags under the eyes.

The steps mentioned above are the minimal, other things you can do like: teeth whitening, manicure/pedicure, facials, body wraps etc…that will make your photos look more professional.

In addition to feeling better, your skin will look better, you will be
able to focus better on posing and giving it you all. Give yourself at least two weeks of discipline before the shoot.
Try it and let us know how it goes for you!!

Thanks for reading!

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