Day 14 Venice Beach Skate Park

having the experience is the best thing to do if I can’t explain it a million times. The fact that I was there visually causes me to draw blank I […]

Over-processing your look

  How many filters does it take to get the right quality?…….Now, take a moment to  imgane the amount of Adobe filters available to the mass public….At Marvelous Shots Productions, […]

Day 10 of 365 Photo Challenge

Hello again to all our followers and readers…The feedback, comments and likes we have been receiving are insightful and much appreciated. In this post I want to spotlight one of […]

Day 7 of 365 photo challenge

ever seen a picture that was really provocative, and by that I mean the way the light exposes the subject. If you have seen other shots from this particular photoshoot […]

Day 5 of 365 Photo Challenge

Day 5 of 365 Photo Challenge Capturing wild life can be a bit of a challenge. instead of going through the trouble of a million shots try to find a […]

Day 4 of 365 Photo Challenge

Portrait photos are some of the most requested services. If you are an aspiring photographer or just want to step up your picture taking skills, keep reading below for tips […]