Space jam legacy theme

A simple idea can always be impactful. Why not show your viewers you are more than just an artificial filter? Going into the shoot, I knew I had smoke bombs that I recently purchased from my local camera exchange and my idea was to get something genuine. At $10 a pop I spent $70 but only used about 3 of them.

Word of advice, never do a smoke bomb shoot alone. You need more than just you and the model. Trust me the direction of the smoke camera settings are enough to be accountable for because the smoke effects last under a minute.

After Considering my goal I took some time to reflect on my visuals. My son who is the model offered the basketball court as a suggestion. It just so happened to be that the Nike factory outlet in Las Vegas had a good deal on shoes, so I purchased a pair a few months ago, that matched his new space jam shirt at the moment.

Linking the obvious together We were able to come up with something nice. We were able to put this futuristic cosmic idea from a movie, into a photo that has online presence.

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