sky replacement and panoramic views photoshop 2021: tutorial

  • in sets of three (left,center,right) shoot a landscape scene with a tripod on the camera raw setting with as little variation and camera shake as possible
  • Select three images
  • open the images simultaneously with photoshop which will show the camera raw filter
  • Make sure the crop settings for each photo is in the original crop
  • Select a photo then hit shift on the last image
  • With all 3 photos selected right click on one of them select merge to panorama
  • There now will be four images in the camera raw filter and you can freely edit the panorama.
  • Open the file and export to its final destination

sky replacement vs the original

  • Select the image that you want to replace the sky on
  • Duplicate the image
  • In the edit menu select sky replacement
  • A window will appear with the sky replacement options in adjustments
  • Make your selections and hit OK

Hope you enjoyed our panorama of the Los Angeles hills….to be featured in our gallery submit your images!!

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