silence is green too

Performing in a public space as a means of survival limited to a circle

If you have ever been to Fremont st in Las Vegas, Nevada then you might have seen this living statue. At this particular location, if you look up there should be groups of people zip lining off a tower and shooting across the length of the millions of led lights in the ceiling.After a brief exploration of the area, I quickly realized the performers are prohibited by law to keep their talents confined in a 6ft wide circle. As a tourist I thought that was pretty rough, however they explained that it also keeps the crowds from blocking passage through the area by keeping the them close to the circle.It is amazing to see the art and listen to he hustle. One group of break dancers I saw did more verbal entertainment than dancing but it was still very entertaining. Another performer who looked like he may have been there for decades yelled at me for recording and not tipping first. As a photographer my instinct is the exact opposite.In my defense when someone sings Stevie B “Spring Love” you get into it.It was actually quite funny.After making my way past an amazing violinist, I was drawn to this green man. Frozen with no visible breathing and extreme discipline.His hair and clothes defied gravity. There was no music and no verbal cues for the crowd to tip.What I can say he was the nicest, and his donations sure did reflect that.

Freemont street performer

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