Levitation Photography

being grounded is a weird flex
Please use slider to view before and after by tapping the arrows and while holding move left to right

Levitation photography is a lot more difficult than it looks. 1st you must do a background shot with no subject in the frame. Then you must take another snapshot with the subject present in the position that you want the levitation to be viewed. Out of 10 shots this was the only photo that was the easiest to merge with the empty background for workflow.

Perspective is a big deal, I recommend that you practice these shots 1st until you get the hang of it. Shadows play an important role in the execution, so you must be aware of proximity to the ground and which direction the light is coming from. For this shot I waited until the late afternoon so that the Sun would be on the roof tops and not on my subject. Be creative with the tools you choose to hold the model up with and also how you conceal things . Try to make scene as natural as possible for minimal editing. Some photographs use up to three or more shots depending on the complexity of the environment. Make sure your model is aware that there will be holding still for some shots that may be difficult and it also helps if ou help them understand the end result.

The number one thing, is you need a tripod, this shot will absolutely not be fun or possibly even work without a Tripod. The second technical aspect of this composition is going to be a self timer. You can use it if you have Wi-Fi apps for your camera on your phone or set it in camera for at least 3 seconds so you can release the shutter speed and make sure that the camera is still. Last you can use light Room or some other type of editing app To bring up the curves adjustments and make her overall brightness and colour pop.

Hope this helps or inspires you please feel free to comment with any questions that you may have…. see you soon.

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