Exposure Gallery

So it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Did you miss us? Our traveling led us  to a hair show in San Antonio called Exposure. It was a blast, featuring celebrity barbers, tattoo artist and an all-female mariachi group (Coronela Love). The networking atmosphere was very pleasant and all the demonstrators were approachable and easy to talk with even though there was a large turnout. What I was most impressed by was the unity among the barber community. You could tell there was a high level of respect as professionals towards each other. I was able to take part in watching body paint by Beyond the Canvas, and even got a sneak peek of the techniques used for hair portraits (TheJoeBarber) and salt art(RobtheOriginal). San Antonio really has something special with this show, was it the location, the art,or the people? That I don’t know ,what I can say is that all three aspects flowed so well together it was comfortable and exciting. Supporters from all around the country were present and there was an excess of cameras flashing. We would definetly hope to see this show progress on an annual basis.Your loyal fan #MSPLENS…#special thanks to Rob the Original seen in the photohraph…be sure to check out the upcomimg post for more photos…📷#msplens

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