Intro to Hard Lighting

Ever seen a picture that was really provocative, and by that I mean the way the light exposes the subject. If you have seen other shots from this particular photoshoot collection, even though it has an urban / punk rock, vibrant feel to it. I was able to get this particular shot to standard apart and be something more. It was a fun photoshoot lots of laughs and walking. Spontaneity was really a best friend that day. As we walked by the last locations that was actually a pretty romantic spot, out of the corner of my eye a small Alleyway between two buildings jumped out at me and voila. I threw my ISO down to a hundred and turned my f-stop setting up to get less light.

I love the effect on the aperture that this gave the photo very much. It was very exciting experience to see how a little bit of shadow could be turned up so dramatically.

Stopping to know and feel the subtle changes in your eye movements, and the way things connect with you is, a good tip for photographers to stop and capture the image that is speaking to them internally in the real world. Photos with hard lighting are often used to make bold statements in film or photography. So if you see any cool shadows remember you can make them look as dramatic as you need to by adjusting your settings on the camera. Think about famous interrogation scenes, or movies like Sin City, imagine the same scenarios with bright lights and barely any shadows? Not that interesting if you think about it.

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