Pet Portaits

The image below is so adorable, right? This cute pooch is a favorite here at MSPLens…dg

Memories are so engraved in our brains. We cherish experiences that excite us and spark joy in our soul. Our minds are wired to create and remember important events in our lives.

The photo below seems easy enough to coordinate, but a lot goes into capturing the special memories of others.

Firstly, the shoot has to be discussed. The wordrobe, location, length etc…Lights have to be arranged, props must be placed and test shots have to be taken. And afterwards, lights have to be taken down, props must be put away…the best photos are selected, approved, edited and sent.

Building a quality portfolio with good imagery takes years of education and practice. For a while there it seemed as though photos had lost importance…

They say a picture is worth 1000 words and in this day and age, pictures are everywhere. The modern day selfie along with technological advances, it’s almost as if the art of taking pictures a.k.a. Photography had lost its value a touch. Oftentimes, we scroll through our social media feed for hours literally judging photographs…we, as a society, somehow became professional photographers. Or have we?

Photography was a very underrated professsion only admired by the elite media moguls who could afford price advertisements in upscale magazines and other media for print. Or wealthy individuals who could afford holiday pictures or hire a photographer for a special even such as weddings, a sweet 16 or a bar mitzvah.

We all stumbled through the growth of social media sharing do’s and don’ts. Through the decades some have taken the embarrassment so that the rest of us become more careful and picky about how we present ourselves in our photographs.

Being able to share photos instantly with anyone across the globe has propelled us into an age of vulnerability and transparency none could predict. Content creation has boomed in every culture. Being able to express an idea through photos is a highly sought after skill.

There are so many resources available to artist. Creative outlets such as blogs and online portfolios make it simple to network and generate business. Groups of like minded people are able to connect and share photos.

Competing for the best images has become the norm. Whether trying to gain follows on Instagram or trying to see stock images on iStock being able to execute flawless work everytime is the only sure way to get everyone’s attention.

Since learning photography has also become available online through channels such as YouTube, more people have become better at taking images quickly….again, building a stronger and smarter network of photo lovers. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but in reality Some pictures are priceless.

What photos do you value most? Is there a photo album or shoe box with your favorite Polaroid snap shots stashed in your closet? Have you transferred important images to a USB drive or another media device? Let us know in the comments….Thanks for reading!

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