Day 6 of 365 Photo Challenge

Paid photo shoots are the way to go when it comes to creativity. It is also important to get people who may not see your vision,but are open to trying it. For this particular shoot iaI was metlmet with a lot of friction trying to get people to commit to my idea. It was frustrating and it made me want to get over the whole idea completely. But as you can see, the end result was marvelous. Invest in yourself because your ideas are gifts of creativity. My favorite thing about this photo shoot that I want to share is the cheapest thing ,which was the band hat. It took my photo shoot up a notch. I found this hat at a deal getting two for ten dollars on facebook market. Everyone I showed it to thought it was nice but didn’t see where I was going with it. Now you can see the end result. The biggest thing that running a media company requires his belief in oneself.

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