Insta Photoshoot Idea: Cloning Photography

Need cool ideas for content on a low cost budget? Cloning Photography is one of the easiest and economical way to get engaging content for your social media platforms.

All you need to recreate this type of image is a tripod, camera and editing software that allows you to put together the two images.

First, choose where the image will be and what you will be doing. Doing a clothes change is gives extra flamboyant effect, but it is not a requirement. Next, set up the tripod in a steady location and DO NOT MOVE IT. If you have some one to take the images for you then, awesome, have them take all the pictures you little heart desires. However, if you are alone, no worries, record the whole thing and take stills, just keep in mind to stay still long enough to capture a still of the video later. The timer is always an option as well if you don’t mind running back and forth. For advanced photographers with DSLR’s, there are apps that allow you to control your camera using your phone as a wireless remote.

Now it time to move on to the nest step. Choose the images that you would like to use and import them to the editing program you are most comfortable with.

If you are a beginner, the easiest way is to import the images to an editing program that has a two-image layout option. Next add the two images and remove the borders so that you are able to match them up perfectly. If advanced, then Photoshop or a similar product with a cloning tool option can help you achieve this simple yet engaging content.

Thanks for reading and please share with use you clone photography!!

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