Venice Beach Skate Park

Dogtown and Zephyr may have sparked the skate scene in Venice Beach, but it was the unruly Venice locals, headed by Jesse Martinez, who doused it in gasoline to see how high the flames would go.

Chris Nierratko, Vice

The fact that I was there visually caused me to draw blank, I was excited the whole time and did not have time to think about the right poetic words to describe my situation.

I was blown away by the unity, the genders skating, the weather and the overall lack of fear. It was a wonderful experience. The nostalgia of the classic basketball movie “White Men Can’t Jump” add to the historic atmosphere at the court. What’s the skatepark will keep you entertained for hours on end. Cool stunts connect with acrobatics here, as skaters of all ages and backgrounds skate by. Last but not least, two views when you get away from the madness of the crowds, if you take the time to look in between the vendors, the views will take your breath away. I witnessed natural colors that look like something out of a painting. I had to keep checking the original raw photo just to make sure that I wasn’t over tweaking the colors in Lightroom. I was very please with the outcome of my photos when I was able to load them on my computer and check them out.

Learning a little bit about the history and the 20 year long fight to have the skatepark created, made me have respect for the community of Venice Beach and its residents. It was inspiring to see an urban culture thriving and living in harmony.

If you have not been, as a young photographer I definitely would say invest in yourself and your mental well-being. It will give you a boost in your portfolio, until next time…Thank you.

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