Cricut + Anime = Custom Naruto Tank

Recently, we have invested into a Tussy Heat Press and Cricut Explorer2 and started passive income stream branding items and making some ideas tangible…. basically, we got sick of ordering various marketing materials…defiantly a good investment for anyone looking to brand n a budget.

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After ruining a few shirts and driving to the local vinyl warehouse 2080845085 million times, I think we have managed to get the basic steps down to a science. Creating a multi-layer and multi-color design from start to finish can be intimidating. There will be a step by step blog post soon…for now this is just Naruto.

If you are unfamiliar with The Cricut Family, it is a vinyl cutting and craft making brand that allows you to cut materials such as iron on vinyl…which is how we were able to cut the vinyl for the custom tank. And if you are unfamiliar with Cricut, then you probably don’t know what The Tussy Heat Press is. Basically a huge iron that heats up to 400F degrees so you are able to create custom items from home for a reasonable price.

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Tusy Heat Press Info

This is one of the first custom tanks we made for our son who is a huge Naruto Fan…sparked all the joy.

To complete this multi-color and
multi- layered look, I used Adobe Illustrator to first create outlines and then isolate and separate each layer by color.

Once those steps were accomplished, we then imported them to the Cricut Design Studio. The Design Studio program also gives you the option to have multiple layers. The Cricut cuts the vinyl in the different colors that were loaded, all that needs o be done is removing the access vinyl. Now, once the heat press is ready and set to the correct settings, I load the cotton tank and place the layers on the shirt and press away!

The end result…

Custom Naruto Tank

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