Content Aware Fill vs Healing Brush in Photoshop w/ celeb Jackie Christie

I had been hearing all the rave about the updates on photoshop 2020 so I decided to give them a try. In the 1st picture I use the content aware fill tool and took out the black Box with words on the TV screen fairly nicely. The advice for this tool is not to use it on complex backgrounds however I decided since the TV screen was projecting a painting I would give it a try and this was the result which I thought was good. Especially being the focus was on the subject and it was artwork not known by the viewer.

In the 2nd photo I decided to use the healing brush. I did not mind the black transparent overlay on the screen so much but the words were definitely a little irritating. The after result was pretty smooth. I didn’t really use anything but the healing brush to do it, and see how good would do in a situation where time was of the essence. Although I like it better then the content aware, I still Would like to see what you can do on a simple background. Leave a comment tell us your thoughts.

content aware fill

Please use the slider to see the Before & After by placing your thumb on it and moving it from left to right. Notice the contents on the table in the lower left hand corner As well as the lettering In the middle of the TV screen on top.

healing brush

On this photo I used the healing brush. I did nothing major except take the lettering out on screen.I used the healing brush instead of the content aware tool to contrast the results of removing the words in the background. I found them to be distracting in the flow of the picture.

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