Art therapy through double exposure

The business of art most likely predates the start of civilization. After all, we shouldn’t assume that every caveman knew how to draw. Even though the wages were different I’m sure the pressure for “work for hire/freelance” artist was just as important as it is today.

Art has marked our progress in society taking us from ‘The Flintstones’ era all the way into future of ‘The Jetsons’…well maybe not quite. It seems lately the business side of art has not been allowed to integrate into our evolution. Artist should get paid well to do the art that they enjoy, perhaps it is merely the knowledge of positioning oneself and overcoming mental blocks. There could also be a chance that the will to survive has blocked our creative flow.

Double Exposures were first introduced around the 1860s. What photographers discovered is that you can expose multiple images on one frame. It wasn’t long before the public was intrigued with effects that allowed for a person to be in two different positions at once. This method then became very popular amongst the public and was in high demand, but like all things in the art world, if it is oversaturated it quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Speaking of this new era the first thing you want to do is nominate Lanchan, the digital artist from India also known by his tag name on Instagram as @laanchan. After following his page what I have found is that at any point that I see one of these pictures it, instantly becomes a therapeutic moment. You can easily identify the work as a double exposure but it really becomes something beyond that. There doesn’t seem to be just one way to get it done. The photos seem like more of an expression and you can tell that by the feelings they invoke. Different color backgrounds, inverted photos with in an outline Black and Whites including the most awesome use of architecture and world wonders you can find.

The fact that there doesn’t seem to be a one step method of making the double exposure is what makes it so good. I started a double exposure and tried to be perfect about it which was kind of frustrating, when I decided to let go and just go with the flow so to speak, I was very pleased with the outcome and also received a great reaction to my peice (example in gallery) . Let’s have lanchan introduce himself, so that our readers can also challenge themselves to create their own style of double exposures.

Hi, my name is Lanchan and I’m 21 years old artist from India and I like merging unexpected photos to create Double or Multiple Exposures.

At the beginning I took simple photos with my mobile and I was editing using mobile apps and I started uploading them on internet in 2017 and I got good response from people, but soon I realised wanted to learn more.
As my interest in Double Exposure, I started to search and try new techniques, leading me to photoshop.
The first image I edited on photoshop was published in 2018 it was really cool double Exposure, everything I learned by myself watching tutorials about photoshop on YouTube.
Everyday I try to improve my skill and attempt new concept. I love to create Double Exposure with portraits and animals.
Learning new skills is one of the best ways for artists to come up with new ideas.

thank you Lanchan! We look forward to more of your art. For more info on this artist please hit the Instagram hyperlink above.

Like what you seen? Are you ready to create? Submit a double exposure to our website for a chance to be featured in our challenge section.

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  1. Awesome post! Brings attention to other aspects of photography that many don’t know about.

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